Using advanced technology in the medical field has increased time and effort efficiency and provided better performance. The emergence of new tools and technology has made it easier for medical professionals to keep track of patient records and update them on the progress of their treatment. If you are in the plastic surgery industry, you can utilize various tools available to create a better relationship with your patients.

Here is how the right plastic surgery software can help you build a good relationship with your patient

Facetime with Patients

Using a plastic surgery mobile app technology, you would be able to video chat with your plastic surgery patient without them having to visit you at your clinic for the first consultation. It saves both your and the patient’s time, and when you meet the next time, you already know what to expect from each other. Your staff can also communicate with your patient when they are going through the process and can show them before and after photos.

Patient Portal

One of the most significant ways to increase plastic surgery communications is via a patient portal. Launching a patient portal means patients can schedule their plastic surgery appointment at their convenience and whenever they see a free spot. As a result, it leads to a better customer experience at your clinic and customer satisfaction. It also allows your staff members to answer any non-urgent patient questions at their convenience via messaging options to minimize disruptions throughout the workday.

Patient Reminders

Using plastic surgery software, you would also be able to send your patient reminders via text, email and voice mail. It increases efficiency and reduces the traditional back and forth of telephone calls between the patient and staff. Whenever there is an appointment coming up for a certain patient, this software will automatically send them a reminder, and your staff will not even have to call them. It reduces spending time on the phone with patients while confirming future appointments.

Patient Kiosk App

If you want to reduce paperwork in your clinic, as well as human error when it comes to filling patient information, you can use a patient kiosk app. Patients will be able to use this app to enter their information, and you will be able to connect the app directly to your plastic surgery EMR system. Eliminating errors while transferring patient data is easier with such apps, and you can keep your plastic surgery practice modern and up to date.


When you launch an app and ask for feedback from your patients, you will be able to receive information quickly. It helps you determine what areas need upgrades, changes, and anything else. You would also be able to see all the positive feedback your patients will leave, which gives you an idea of what you are doing right.

These are some of the ideas on how plastic surgery software can help you build better patient relationships. It will increase customer satisfaction while providing the right balance between technology and authentic human interaction.

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