Patient appointment reminders

Plastic Surgery: Lost or change smartphone/computer

Lost your phone? Don’t worry. You can remotely restrict CureCast app access of the lost phone and find all your photos safe in our Amazon cloud server.

CureCast Plastic Surgery provides storage in Amazon cloud server which is the most preferred and reliable server for digital asset storage management. You can safely retrieve all your photos by logging into the CureCast app or web from any other device.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

What does CureCast EMR offer?

CureCast is easy to access, easy to use application which provides Plastic Surgeons with the power of multi-tasking

Right Picture at Right Time

Boost sales revenue by finding the right picture during new patient consultation. Plastic surgeon…

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Show Before/After

Plastic Surgeons can come across new patients anywhere. Be it a Dinner Party or a Casual meeting…

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Cross-Sell More

When consulting with a patient, many conversations present an opportunity to cross-sell…

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Check and manage your schedule from anywhere. Get daily app notification of your entire day’s…

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Medical Billing

Get leading-edge medical billing software with online payment tracking. Avail our top-notch…

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Manage your patient’s medications from anywhere. View their medical history at any hour. Send…

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Convert Consultation

Increase new patient counselling conversion. Plastic Surgery is a line of work which is promoted…

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Reduce No-Shows

Seize the opportunity of bringing your patient regularly back to you with CureCast’s appointment…

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Resolve Conflicts

Resolve patient conflicts in no time. In the world of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery, clinical…

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Patient Exerience

Improve patient consultation experience. The success of Aesthetic and Plastic surgery…

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Standardize Tagging

Show the exact picture as the patient’s condition. Before and After Photos are worth $ 1,000…

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Preview Treatment Photos

Review patient’s treatment photos before they entering the consultation room. Unleash…

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Easy Sharing

Digital Marketing can cost a bomb for Plastic Surgery Practitioners. Digital Marketing…

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Accurate Comparison

Overlay and slide images for accurate comparisons. What do you offer to customers who…

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Receive Photos Remotely

Remotely receive post-treatment photos. A biggest regret of an Aesthetic Practitioner is not able…

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360° Clinic View

360° view of therapist results of patients’ cosmetic treatments. The plastic surgeons, staffs, nurses…

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Work With Staff

Utilize your staff’s free time. Work with staff. Your staff at the clinic are the frontrunners…

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Admin Control

Improving the security of medical database with Admin control. Access control…

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Share Multiple Photos

Easily share multiple photos with your patients. We found out that Plastic Surgery practitioners…

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User Friendly

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