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Simplified process of organizing client pictures. Show case before/after quickly.

  • Multiple login from mobile, ipad and pc allows you to get real time update of patient progress by staff data entry
  • Yes we support android smart phones, iOS smart phones (iPhones), iPad, tablets, pc and mac book.
  • You are in front of a new client who is seeking acne treatment and you want to show her your latest treatment photos
  • but you are unable to find them from the thousands of photos in your phone gallery.
  • Does this scenario sound familiar to you?
  • We have the perfect remedy for this.
  • App logic automatically organize photos based on the the data below, so you can find it from any tag.
  1. Date (automatically)
  2. patient name
  3. diagnosis
  4. treatment notes
  5. patient id
  6. cell phone
  • Finding actual treatment pictures instantly at the right time during a consultation can take your patient experience to a different level.
  • Real practice pictures are an extension of your work.
  • Generic photos lack that personalised feel which the patient is seeking.
  • Give your patient an authentic experience by showing them the exact treatment pictures and that too while he talks to you!
  • Create treatment albums and transfer pictures from patient’s case files to albums for consultations.
  • Gives patients the perfect pre-look of the treatment result that they are seeking through the patient album.
  • You can access your data on your dermatology App from your clinic, home or even a party
  • when you are likely to meet potential clients who would like to see the range of skin treatments successfully done by you.

Common problems in dermatology, skin, laser and hair clinics


  • Not able to retrieve photos when you need the most even though you have that photo in your phone or laptop.

  • Unable to show the right Before & After Photos during consultation

  • Not able to review staff performance of a busy clinic

  • Using multiple tools to capture, store, compare, edit and share the photos

  • Unable to maintain photo albums for the conferences and cross-selling.


  • Find patient photos by Case Id, Name of the Patient, Mobile Number, Treatment Notes or a Customised Field designed just as you want.

  • Retrieval of pictures by treatment in less than 2 seconds

  • Create Before/After on the spot during new patient counselling

  • Automatically build your Before & After portfolio by treatment name

  • Patient portal and mobile app improve patient engagement

Best Dermatology EMR – 1 minute explainer video

Best dermatology emr software features

Why photo management in dermatology emr?

Build before and after portfolio automatically

Reliable Unlimited Storage

Get HIPAA compliant cloud storage for thousands of photos in your phone.

Single Click Photo Finder

Find actual treatment pictures instantly during a patient consultation to resolve conflicts

Before and After

Create Before and After pictures from any session and compare it right in front of the patient.

Before and After Portfolio

Find and show Before & After photos from your Clinic, Home or even a Party to potential client.

Patient Albums

During counseling, show clients the exact picture of the treatment which they are seeking.

Slide and Morph

Slide and morph pre picture into post picture for cool sculpting and body contouring clients.

Single click sharing

Share photos with your patient or on social media in single click using share tool

Social Sharing

Add watermark and text before sharing Before/After photos on social media.

Admin Control

Restrict delte, edit and share photos functionality by password to protect patient privacy

Skin clinics success stories

Dermatology EMR review by, Mumbai skin clinic

Brilliant app.

Been using CureCast since 2019 now. Its a brilliant app to capture the client data. Makes the compilation of before-after albums so easy. In aesthetic practice, it is extremely important to showcase comparative results and CureCast dermatology EMR has made this process so much simpler. Moreover, tech team is always quick in response to help tide over any glitch if faced over.

SkinLab, By Dr. Jamunai Pai
testimonial photo of Dr. Kiran Sethi, New Delhi, India, Dermatologistreview - Medical photography review

I have been using it for few years now. I think it is a fantastic way to store my patients photographic records. During covid it was a life saver for virtual consultation. I could track realtime results my client is having remotely based on modality of virtual consult even though it is virtual I can see how they are transforming. I found the software fabulously easy to use, my staff find it easy to use and I can watch and see how my patients are doing remotely from my smart phone. What could be better?

Dr. Kiran Sethi, Isya Asthetics, India
Logo of Aditya Shah, Baroda, India Dermatologist review
“CureCast is a simple to use app which can add wonders to your practice. With CureCast easy and smooth online functions, my staff and I can work together with different phones and pc. CureCast also frequently add new features which makes it the favourite app in my practice”

Dr. Aditya Shah, Aura skin and laser clinic, India

Dermatologists video testimonial

Dr. Kiran Sethi Cosmetic Dermatologist, Owner Isya Aesthetics, India


Dermatology App

Mobile and desktop app with photo auto catalog, finder, comparison, editing, slider, and sharing capability


Dermatology Software

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Patient Chart by dermatology EMR Curecast

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  • Medical Photo finder and auto catalog
  • Unlimited HIPAA compliant photo storage
  • Instant before and after photos
  • Auto Before and After portfolio, morphing, logo, text
  • Photo counseling albums
  • State of art medical appointment scheduling
  • Data export and import utility
  • Customized patient chart, billing and e-prescription utility and much more

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