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  • Manage practice from anywhere

Practice Management

Whether on a PC, iPhone, android phone, tablet or iPad, CureCast is easy to access, easy to use application which provides physicians with the power of multi-tasking.

From charting notes and capturing photos directly from the app to writing e-prescriptions, bills and managing appointments, and patient flow at the clinic, all while attending patients.

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  • Patient records at your fingertips

CureCast EMR for iPhone, iPad and Android Phone

CureCast is the best solution for the complexities faced by every speciality.

Our intuitive app is built to grow your practice remuneration and digitalize the old school practices of lengthy paperwork.

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EMR Practice Management SOftwareClinical Photo EMR
  • Easily manage photos, before/ after

Photo Management EMR

CureCast’s advanced photo finder solution comes as an excellent tool for practices that require to find photos and before/after during counseling from the large data of clinical photographs.

We offer you UNLIMITED HIPAA compliant cloud storage along with the assurance of Amazon Web Server.

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CureCast EMR Key Features

Appreciation From Clients

“CureCast is a great innovation for our clinic in terms of creating before/after pictures. It is a very simple, effective, & secured app with lot of privacy features. It is a perfect tool in marketing and increase consulting conversion rate using Counseling Album feature”

Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon Testimonial for CureCast EMRDr. Maurizio Viel, Plastic Surgeon, UAE
“CURECAST is an important app for a doctor who need to store charts and images related to his patients. the app is easy to use, the medical records are safely stored and the classification is easy and immediate.I cannot recommend it more for specialty doctors”

Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon Testimonial for CureCast EMRDr. Matteo Vigo, Plastic Surgeon, UAE
“I give kudos to CureCast for being responsive to user feedback and helping prevent EMR physician burnout. You don’t need any fancy hardware. Any web-based computer, smart phone or tablet is all you need for this low cost and high value EMR. Technical support is well trained and quick”

Dr. Dhaval Shah Dentist Testimonial for CureCast EMRDr. Dhaval Shah, Dentist, USA
“CureCast is a simple to use app which can add wonders to your practice. With CureCast easy and smooth online functions, my staff and I can work together with different phones and pc. CureCast also frequently add new features which makes it the favourite app in my practice”

Dr. Aditya Shah's testimonial for CureCast EMRDr. Aditya Shah, Dermatologist, India

3 Steps to Start Your CureCast EMR Journey

Schedule a Demo and Get Quote

Email, Call or WhatsApp us to schedule a live FREE demo and get a quote. Our experts will coach you on how to integrate CureCast in your system on zoom or skype. We guarantee to get back in 24 hours.

Take a 7 Days Free Trial on any device

Open the CureCast website on your desktop or download the app on your phone. Use the same credentials to log in from smart-phone, tablet and desktop. Enjoy all the features for absolutely FREE for 7 days.

Choose from our yearly or multi-yearly plans

We offer different plans to suit your practice. Get great offers on multi-year plans. Pay by account transfer or credit card. Subscribe only when you are sure of the value addition CureCast can bring to your practice.

Practice Management Doctor's Medical EMR app

CureCast Mobile EMR

7 days FREE trial, no credit card required.

  • Appointments
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Patient’s chart
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Before/after, morphing, editing
  • Counseling albums and many more
CureCast EMR
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