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Seamless Design. Efficient Charting. Evolved Practice.

A comprehensive system that organizes patient information before, during and after the visit.

An easy-to-use EMR that saves you time.

Managing patient records on the CureCast EMR app is a child’s play because of its uncomplicated User Interface and effortless design. You can work along with your staff from multiple locations on any electronic device without worrying about back up.

Know how your day is going to look like at the clinic even before you get there. Get app notification of your day’s schedule daily at 8 am. No more dependency on staff for checking on waiting room queues. Retrieve patient chart and history in seconds.

CureCast is proudly Made In India and therefore we thrive for “Excellence at Affordable Price”. Call us to have a look at our cost-efficient subscription plans and take a 7 Day Free Trial to experience a world-class EMR solution for your growing practice.

MedSpa Software | Best medical spa software by CureCast

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based CureCast EMR

CureCast is easy to access, easy to use application which provides physicians with the power of multi-tasking

Smart-Phone Application

Experience CureCast on iPhone and Android Phone. Simply download the CureCast app from App Store or Play Store to manage your practice online.

Tablet Application

Engage patients on iPad and Android Tablet with HD Before-After Picture on the CureCast app downloaded from App Store or Play Store.

Desktop Application

While at the clinic, your PC or Macbook can run the CureCast website. All you need is a good internet connection and a web browser like Internet Explorer.


Check and manage your schedule from anywhere. Get daily app notification of your entire day’s schedule. Reduce the burden of administrative tasks.

Medical Billing

Get leading-edge medical billing software with online payment tracking. Avail our top-notch analytics tool to understand business performance.


Manage your patient’s medications from anywhere. View their medical history at any hour. Send e-prescriptions instantly via WhatsApp or Email.

Patient Chart

Keep Clinical Notes and Photos always accessible at your fingertip. Efficient and seamless design makes charting patient visits the way you want.

Filter and Search

Find and review patient’s treatment history in just a few taps and add follow-up details. Powerful search filters empowers and makes your practice a bit easier.

Appointment Reminders

See exceptional reduction of No-Shows with timely appointment reminders on SMS, WhatsApp or Email. Bring down the long waiting area queues.


#1 EMR for value creating very high gain to pain ratio with all-in-one features


Medical Software

Industry leading medical software with the elegant design, easy to use processes



Our platform is built with the feedback from over 2500 medical professionals

Testimonial photo of Dr. Jatin Gupta, Ahmedabad, India, Surgeon review - EMR software review

“The team at CureCast is fabulous. They helped us to move to paperless clinic. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach in last four years.”

Jatin Gupta, MD

Ashirvad Surgery Hospital

FAQ’s About EMR Software

EMR is an electronic medical record system that allows doctors and other healthcare providers to securely store, share, and update patient health information electronically (online). The system is designed to improve practice efficiency, clinic profitability and patient experience and also to make it easier for providers to access and update medical records online.

There are many potential benefits to using an EMR in healthcare. These benefits include improved clinic efficiency, customized patient record screens, better coordination of care, and easier access to medical records, medical schedules, medications, medical billing and medical photos. Additionally, EMRs can help reduce errors in medical record-keeping and provide ready reference in case of medico legal cases.

The top 5 features includes the ability to track medical appointments and prescription, find and review medical history and photos, medical billing and social media integrations.

An EMR can contain various types of information, depending on the individual patient’s needs. However, some common types of data that may be included in an EMR include medical history, medications, allergies, billing, medical photos, before and after, immunisations, reports and lab results.

The main difference between an EMR and an EHR is that an EMR is typically used by a single provider or practice, while an EHR is designed to be used by multiple providers and organizations. EHRs are typically more comprehensive than EMRs and can contain information from various sources. Additionally, EHRs are often more expensive and complex than EMRs.

The CureCast EMR system is backed up on a daily basis. This ensures that all data is securely stored and can be accessed in the event of a system failure, which has not happened since the inception of CureCast.

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CureCast Mobile App

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  • Appointments
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Patient’s chart
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Before/after, morphing, editing
  • Counseling albums and many more
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