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Simplified process of managing patient pictures. Create before/after instantly.

  • Multiple login from mobile, ipad and pc allows you to get real time update of patient progress by staff data entry
  • Yes we support android smart phones, iOS smart phones (iPhones), iPad, tablets, pc and mac book.
App logic automatically organize patient photos based on the the data tags below, so you can find it anytime

  1. Date (automatically)
  2. patient name
  3. diagnosis
  4. treatment notes
  5. patient id
  6. mobile number
  • CureCast’s photo finder feature allows you to find actual treatment pictures instantly at the right time during a consultation.
  • Give your patient an authentic experience by showing them the exact treatment pictures and that too while he or she talks to you!
  • Move patient pictures from patient case files to CureCast’s Education Albums
  • Gives patients the perfect pre-look of the treatment result through the patient album.
  • Create and showcase before and after instantly to your clients from your clinic, home or even a party
  • Find before and after by treatment name from your before and after portfolio

Common problems in plastic surgery clinics


  • Not able to retrieve photos when medical professionals need the most even though you have that photo in your phone or laptop.

  • Unable to show the right Before & After Photos during consultation

  • Not able to review staff performance of a busy clinic

  • Using multiple tools to capture, store, compare, edit and share the photos

  • Unable to maintain photo albums for the conferences and cross-selling.


  • Find patient photos by Case Id, Name of the Patient, Mobile Number, Treatment Notes or a Customised Field designed just as you want.

  • Retrieval of pictures by treatment in less than 2 seconds

  • Create Before/After on the spot during new patient counselling

  • Automatically build your Before & After portfolio by treatment name

  • Patient portal and mobile app improve patient engagement

Best plastic surgery emr – 1 minute explainer video

Best Plastic surgery emr software features

Why photo management in cosmetic surgery emr?

CureCast plastic surgery practice management software is an easy to use application which provides a complete and integrated solution to digitizing your medical practice, streamlining your workflow and maximizing staff productivity for cosmetic surgery clinics.

Hear from CureCast’s Plastic surgery clients

Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon, Owner London Center Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, Amwaj Clinic, Dubai

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Download cloud based plastic surgery software CureCast

  • Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage
  • Photo finder and auto catalog
  • Before/after portfolio
  • Patient counseling albums
  • Photo editor
  • One click photo sharing on social media
  • Overlay and slide pictures
  • Oraginize photos, videos, Docs
  • Admin panel for multiple clinic owners
  • Receive after surgery pictures remotely
  • Overlay, slide and morphy before pictures into after pictures
  • All clinic software features and much more

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