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All-inclusive Medical Scheduling software

Scheduling Appointments at a healthcare organizations can be a time-consuming task for the receptionist if it is not technology-enabled. CureCast’s comprehensive appointment scheduling module has a one-click system to add, reschedule or delete a visit. This extensive feature enables you to have charge of your day by knowing in advance how many patients you will attend in a day.

  • Daily morning app notification of your day’s calendar at healthcare organizations
  • Viewable Dashboard Status of Patient Check-In, Check-Out, No Show & Cancelled Appointments in different colours
  • Manage or Reschedule appointments from anywhere on your smart-phone, Tablet or iPad
  • Reduce Staff burden from verbal communication of patient visit status
  • Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders by sms, email or WhatsApp

Why Appointment Scheduling Software?

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Appointment scheduling platform – Desktop demo

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How to setup multiple providers and medical office in appointment scheduling platform?

How to setup automated appointment reminders messages in appointment scheduling platform?

Doctor’s Testimonial

“CureCast is a great innovation for our clinic in terms of creating before and after pictures. It is a very simple, effective, & secured clinical photo app with lot of privacy features. It is a perfect tool in marketing and increase consulting conversion rate using Counseling Album feature”

“CURECAST is an important app for a doctor who need to store charts and images related to his patients. the app is easy to use, the medical records are safely stored and the classification is easy and immediate.I cannot recommend it more for specialty doctors”

testimonial photo of Dr. Matteo Vigo, UAE, Plastic Surgeon review - Medical photography reviewDr. Matteo Vigo, Amwaj Clinic, UAE

I have been using it for few years now. I think it is a fantastic way to store my patients photographic records. During covid it was a life saver for virtual consultation. I could track the results my client is having based on modality of virtual consult even though it is virtual I can see how they are transforming. I found the software fabulously easy to use, my staff find it easy to use and I can watch and see how my patients are doing remotely from my smart phone. What could be better?

testimonial photo of Dr. Kiran Sethi, New Delhi, India, Dermatologistreview - Medical photography reviewDr. Kiran Sethi, Isya Asthetics, India
“CureCast is a simple to use app which can add wonders to your practice. With CureCast easy and smooth online functions, my staff and I can work together with different phones and pc. CureCast also frequently add new features which makes it the favourite app in my practice”

Logo of Aditya Shah, Baroda, India Dermatologist reviewDr. Aditya Shah, Aura skin and laser clinic, India
“I give kudos to CureCast for being responsive to user feedback and helping prevent EMR physician burnout. You don’t need any fancy hardware. Any web-based computer, smart phone or tablet is all you need for this low cost and high value EMR. Technical support is well trained and quick”

testimonial photo of Dr. Dhaval Shah, Florida, USA, DentistDr. Dhaval Shah, 904 Dental Care, USA

Video Testimonial

Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, Amwaj Clinic, Dubai

Dr. Kiran Sethi Cosmetic Dermatologist, Owner Isya Aesthetics, India

Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon, Owner London Center Aesthetic Surgery

FAQ’s About Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

What is a medical appointment scheduling software?2022-11-03T13:16:15+00:00

Medical appointment scheduling software is a computerised system that helps schedule and manage patient appointments.

Can my front office staff manage multiple provider’s and physician’s calendar from a single screen?2022-11-03T13:15:50+00:00

Yes, with our medical appointment scheduling software, your front office staff can manage multiple provider’s and physician’s calendars from a single screen. This saves time and ensures accuracy when booking appointments.

How can I reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment SMS reminders?2022-11-03T13:15:12+00:00

With our medical appointment scheduling software, you can send automated appointment SMS reminders to patients. This will help reduce the number of no-shows and ensure that your patients are reminded of their appointments.

What are the key feature of medical appointment scheduling Software?2022-11-03T13:14:35+00:00

Some of the key features of our medical appointment scheduling software include the following:

– Appointment Scheduling

– Appointment Reminders

– Online Booking

– Multi-Provider Management

– Calendar views and many more

How can a medical professional see patient’s queue real-time from EMR mobile app?2022-11-03T13:13:54+00:00

A medical professional can see patient’s queues real-time from EMR mobile app by logging into their account and accessing the “Queue” feature. This feature allows you to see all of the patients scheduled for appointments, as well as their contact information and details.

Can doctor view and manage live patient’s appointments from mobile app and iPad app?2022-11-03T13:13:16+00:00

Yes, doctors can view and manage live patient’s appointments from mobile and iPad apps. This allows you to stay up-to-date on your appointments and makes it easy to make changes or reschedule appointments as needed.

medical appointment scheduling by dermatology emr
Medical Appointment Scheduling App

Medical Appointment Scheduling App CureCast

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  • Clinic and doctor calendar review
  • New and existing patient appointment booking
  • Find and review past and future appointment
  • Automated appointment sms reminder
  • Manage appointments from phone, tablet or computer
  • Manage reschedule, cancel, no-show appointments
  • Setup follow-up appointment and auto reminders

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