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CureCast EMR app review by Dr. Kiran Sethi Cosmetic Dermatologist, Owner Isya Aesthetics, India

CureCast EMR review by Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon, Owner London Center Aesthetic Surgery

CureCast EMR review by Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, Amwaj Clinic, Dubai

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Been using CureCast since 2019 now. Its a brilliant app to capture the client data. Makes the compilation of before-after albums so easy. In aesthetic practice, it is extremely important to showcase comparative results and CureCast dermatology EMR has made this process so much simpler. With 3 touch process, staff manage pictures on clinic phone and I can easily find and show before/after to my patients in consulation room on my phone or pc. Moreover, tech team is always quick in response to help.

Dr. Jamuna Pai

MD Dermatology, SkinLab

I have been using it for few years now. I think it is a fantastic way to store my patients photographic records. During covid it was a life saver for virtual consultation. I could track realtime results my client is having remotely based on modality of virtual consult even though it is virtual I can see how they are transforming. I found the software fabulously easy to use, my staff find it easy to use and I can watch and see how my patients are doing remotely from my smart phone. What could be better?

Dr. Kiran Sethi

MD Dermatology, Isya Aesthetics

Curecast is a simple to use app which can add wonders to your cosmetic practice. Before CureCast, I was finding it difficult and time consuming to maintain before/after pictures with classification. I couldn’t show before/after pictures during consultation as pictures weren’t transferred to my pc by staff. I always had to say to patient next time. With CureCast easy and smooth online functions, my staff and I can work together with different phones and pc. CureCast also frequently add new features which makes the app the favourite app.

Dr. Aditya Shah

MD Dermatology, Aura skin and laser clinic

CureCast is the perfect tool for a doctor who need to store images and documents related to his patients. the app is easy to use, the images are safely stored and the classification is easy and immediate. The possibility to create pre and post pictures in a blink allows the doctor to show immediately the results to his patients and create a perfect gallery to be showned to the new patients who want to receive the same treatment.

Dr. Roberto Viel

Plastic surgeon, London Center of Aesthetic Surgery

CureCast is a great innovation for our clinic in terms of building before and after portfolio and showing comparative results to cosmetic clients. It is a very simple, effective, & secured hippa compliant photo app with lot of privacy features. Managing patient photos is no longer a time consuming chore. There is no need to upload and tag photos, the software does it for my staff automatically. Spend less time tagging photos and more time caring for our patients.

Dr. Maurizio Viel

Plastic surgeon, London Center of Aesthetic Surgery Dubai

CureCast is an important app for a doctor who need to store charts and images. It is easy to use, the medical records are safely stored and the classification is easy and immediate. I like knowing our photos are secured from a coompliance standpoint. Without Curecast, it becomes a DIY process that becomes terribly time consuming. Even if you upgrade your iPhone, you can just log into app and see all your pictures without worrying about backups.

Dr. Matteo Vigo

Plastic surgeon, Amwaj Clinic

Curecast protects us to outrage complains and many times client unaware of issues they had till they see the previous photos. We are able to resolve and show the issues which patient has never noticed before. You don’t need any fancy hardware. Any web-based computer, smart phone or tablet is all you need for this low cost and high value EMR. Technical support is well trained and quick.

Dr. Sergio Mazzei

Wound care surgeon

With this fantastic new tool, it puts doctor patient engagement like never before. Before our patient enters in consulting room, we have already seen the treatment history and pictures taken by staff and be able to spend time together strategizing how to really address the concern of the patient. This really change the way we practice and differentiate us from other practices.

Dr. Jatin Gupta

MS Surgery, Ashirwad Hospital

CureCast has revolutionized our clinic’s appointment management, transforming a once cumbersome process into a seamless, efficient experience. Its intuitive booking system and real-time scheduling capabilities have notably enhanced patient satisfaction and significantly improved our operational efficiency. We highly recommend CureCast for any healthcare facility looking to streamline their appointment processes.

Dr. Kaushal Deep Singh

MS Neuro Surgery

As a neurosurgeon, CureCast has been a game-changer for our clinic, streamlining our billing and accounting with remarkable efficiency. Its intuitive interface and accurate billing summary, search and excel export features have greatly reduced administrative burdens, allowing us to focus more on patient care. CureCast is an indispensable asset for any medical practice seeking financial clarity and ease.

Dr. Achal Gupta

MS, Neuro Surgery

I find CureCast invaluable for its effortless management of photographic histories, organized meticulously by date, patient name, diagnosis, and treatment. The medical history feature integrates seamlessly, offering a comprehensive view of each patient’s journey. Remarkably user-friendly, instantly streamlining our patient documentation and enhancing our treatment planning. Its intuitive design and detailed record-keeping are essential for the nuanced needs of plastic surgery.

Dr. Neel Gupta

MS, Plastic Surgery

CureCast stands out as a remarkable asset for our orthopedic practice, simplifying X-ray photo management and medical history organization with unparalleled ease. Its user-friendly interface requires no training, facilitating seamless integration into our workflow. The software not only streamlines our operations but also enhances informed decision-making during consultations. CureCast sets a new standard, optimizing patient care and efficiency.

Dr. Saidileep Viswanadha

MS, Orthopaedic