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A HIPAA compliant award winning Clinical Photography App that made organising patient’s photos and before and after photos simple

Clinical photography app catalog photos by

  • Date (automatically)
  • patient name
  • diagnosis
  • treatment notes
  • patient id
  • cell phone

You are in front of a new client who is seeking acne treatment. You want to show her your latest treatment photos but you are unable to find them from the thousands of photos in your phone gallery. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Now, a healthcare professional can tag the same photo under multiple names.

For example, in the case of Acne, you can tag a picture with names like Acne, Grade (Mild, Severe or Acute) and Skin type (Oily, Dry, Normal).

So the same picture will show up in search results in seconds which saves a lot of time that was earlier wasted in simply finding those photos during patient counselling.

Conflicts occur when a patient tends to forget his or her previous looks in the post-treatment stage. Our hippa compliant clinical photography photo app offers

  • Photo finder: In three clicks you can find patient’s photo by name or cell phone and review treatment photos with visit dates
  • Before and After: App displays all photos of the patients by date for you to create before and after instantly
  • Finding actual treatment pictures instantly at the right time during a consultation can take your patient experience to a different level.
  • Real practice pictures are an extension of your work.
  • Generic photos lack that personalised feel which the patient is seeking.
  • Give your patient an authentic experience by showing them the exact treatment pictures and that too while he talks to you!
  • Show results with photos during counseling and point of care: CureCast is so simple to use so that your staff can organize all your high quality pictures in three taps. You can find patient’s photos by diagnosis and treatment during counseling.
  • Before and After Portfolio: Find and show before and after by treatment name during counseling and point of care using “before and after portfolio” which is automatically copied from each patient’s before and after file
  • Counseling Albums: Create high quality photo albums for each treatment. You can move photos from patient files to albums for counseling.

Yes we have both iphone mobile app and android mobile app. We also have iPad app, android tablet app, desktop systems so you can work with your staff and track real time progress.

Finding the right picture at right time

CureCast plastic surgery software brings you the feature of creating Before and After pictures from any session and compare it right in front of the patient. This allows the plastic surgery doctors and specialists to create the perfect Patient Education Album and show them to new patients who want to receive the same treatment from one single app.

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Clinical Photo Management App

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  • Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage
  • Photo finder and auto catalog
  • Before/after portfolio
  • Patient counseling albums
  • Photo editor
  • One click photo sharing on social media
  • Overlay and slide pictures
  • Oraginize photos, videos, Docs
  • Admin panel for multiple clinic owners
  • Receive after surgery pictures remotely
  • Overlay, slide and morphy before pictures into after pictures
  • All clinic software features and much more
  • Contact us to learn more about the plastic surgery clinical photo management software.
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