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Review patient’s treatment photos before they entering the consultation room

Unleash your memory from remembering all your patient details. Let CureCast do it for you. A single EMR app that gives you the information just what you require to remember a patient’s treatment history before he or she walks in. We believe that Doctors need technology that empowers and eases their practice. We want that a practice management software must be uncomplicated, easy to use and easy to exit. Which is why CureCast app is unclustered and clean with only that information which is specific to patient consultation and treatment.

Practice Management Doctor's Medical EMR app

CureCast Mobile App

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  • Appointments
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Patient’s chart
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Before/after, morphing, editing
  • Counseling albums and many more
CureCast EMR
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