Patient Chart

Patient chart by EMR software Curecast

All That You Want To Know About A Patient Is Right There On Your Screen

Our Patient Chart gives you more time to listen to your patients and is optimized for a maximum view that fits any screen resolution. We understand that as doctors, your every second counts. Therefore, we took time to first understand what doctors seek the most while charting and then created something that not only saves your time but pitches in for you to make effective clinical decisions.

  • View the oldest medical history of a patient in split seconds
  • Get information on allergies, vaccinations & other crucial data in a single search
  • Improve patient counselling outcomes with the right medical advice
  • Experience top to bottom layout view of the enhanced charting feature

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  • Appointments
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Patient’s chart
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Before/after, morphing, editing
  • Counseling albums and many more
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