Patient Management Software

We have Search Filters that communicate ! It gives you exactly what you are looking for. Don’t Believe it? We are sure you will get convinced when you start a Free Trial.

Quick retrieval of data is as important as its safe storage in a good EMR app. We believe that a great app is the one that serves its purpose i.e. reducing administrative time & efforts and providing an enhanced user experience. We have worked to give you a dynamic search and filter page that provides the exact search result alongside insights of your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly business performance.

  • Instant retrieval of data & easy access to the entire content of the website/application
  • Billing Filters provide access to outstanding dues, bill amount range, date range etc
  • Retrieve prescription data by Drug Name, Lab Test, Doctor Name, Date etc
  • Find patient by Patient Name or ID, Treatment Notes, Diagnosis or even by phone #
  • Descriptive Search Box that tells you what you can expect or should be looking for

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Practice Management Doctor's Medical EMR app

CureCast Mobile App

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  • Appointments
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Patient’s chart
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Before/after, morphing, editing
  • Counseling albums and many more
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