Watch the clinic’s medical scheduling, medical bills, medical before and after photos, dues and patient flow on a single screen. Book Appointments and expertly manage waiting room queues. Increase your patient turn-out ratio with our SMS Appointment Reminder feature. Equip your staff to easily manage single and multiple clinics schedules using plastic surgery EMR software CureCast.

How Does Plastic Surgery Software Work?

Plastic surgery software leverages patient schedules, billing tools, medical photos, hipaa compliant before and after photos, data stored and updated over time to understand and make better or faster decisions. One of these important data types includes appointment scheduling data.

We understand how vital it is for you as a medical practitioner to cure your patients completely and for that continuity of patient healthcare is what you & we aim for. This can be achieved only if we can help get your patients to visit you regularly through in-clinic appointment scheduling.

You are also concerned about the constant no-shows from your patients and want them to turn up on their scheduled appointment time because this definitely affects your revenue and overall patient healthcare. The solution to all of these is to get the best EHR software that sends automated Appointment Reminders to patients which is proven to reduce No-shows at the clinic.

Check and manage your schedule from anywhere. Get daily app notification of your entire day’s schedule. Reduce the burden of administrative tasks.

Patients might not show up for an appointment for many reasons, but if they do at the time, plastic surgeons could do much more with their schedules. A lot of clinics still use calls to ask whether they will come for their appointment, and for them, this is an ideal way, which also works. But can we deny that more and more people today like texting over receiving a call?

In such cases, sending a text asking them to confirm with YES or NO can be a very comprehensive and great way to get confirmation. It only takes a second of your patient’s time, and they can also avoid talking. In addition, using the software, surgeons can send reminders for appointments as many patients forget to visit their doc for an appointment.

Benefits of using plastic surgery software

Manage Patient Queue Smartly

We help you get rid of the patient diary at the front-desk and digitize the entire process of patient scheduling. Be it managing appointment based patient visits or walk-ins, CureCast’s Appointment Module makes the queue shorter and waiting time almost negligible.

Access Your Clinic From Anywhere, From Any Device

We have fundamentally changed the way a typical clinic used to be managed from a server connected desktop computer which could be accessed from the premises only. CureCast brings a cloud based application that can be accessed from any smart device from any corner of the world.

Improved patient care

With an EMR and clinic management software, you can offer improved patient care for your patients. This software can track the patient’s medical history, medications or health concerns. For example, if your patient visits you regularly, it is necessary and valuable that you get a summary of their history without having to go through them again. This also means that if your patient has any health concerns and you want them to refrain from any medicines, you choose an alternative way to treat them, offering enhanced patient care.

Reduced paperwork

Run An Automated, Paperless Practice From Anywhere in the world. Check the day’s schedules from the comfort of your home computer or a tablet, android phone or iPhone while on the go. CureCast EMR can also be accessed on any web browser with your secure login credentials. EMR software is excellent when it comes to getting you rid of paperwork. As it electronically stores and manages the patient’s records, your patient only needs to fill out the details once.


More Time For Patient Care. A More Productive Clinic. A More Smiling Balance Sheet. A well integrated Plastic surgery EMR software can make a plastic surgery practice more efficient and productive – from organizing pictures to medical scheduling.

Published On: October 6th, 2022 / Categories: Plastic Surgery Software /
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