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Custom Healthcare Software Development Solutions

If you are planning to have custom medical software, then a product strategy and roadmap are our top priorities. We first work on a carefully planned roadmap which includes analyzing the market, laying down a necessary list of features, and price calculation. We have a transparent process – so we also set and share a deadline for your product delivery. No matter what we do, we make sure your team is updated with everything. 

Do you have unique challenges in your organization? Custom healthcare software can be integrated with cloud automation and management, which will help your organization with cloud-based custom medical services. With cloud computing, you can ensure strong agility and seamless workflow. With our cloud solutions for your organization, you can offer improved patient experience and digitalize their sensitive data. Automation will also ensure that your organization can run without an extra workforce, making management more effortless. 

Our solutions are HIPAA compliant, and with our knowledge of legal, health compliances and government policies, we ensure that your custom software is also compliant with various other security regulations. No matter what your requirements are, we will find a way to implement the health standards into it.

With our custom solutions, your health data is at your fingertips. We help you in gathering and analyzing this data. All of your data will be gathered on a dashboard that is easy to use, and you can easily track the performance and detect problems early. Detecting problems early helps your organization with enhanced and informed business decisions. 

We specialize in all kinds of online healthcare platform solutions – web, mobile and desktop apps. Whether it is medical practice software or medical billing software. Our online platforms help you with automation and optimized workflow. This helps your organization with secure and fast custom solutions. Whether your team wants to access data through a mobile device or a desktop app, all is possible.

Common problems in Healthcare Software


  • Not being able to retrieve pictures, details or medical case files of patients during important hours because there are too many case files, and you don’t have time.

  • Unable to find and show the right Before & After picture during consultation. The consultation period is important for both the medical professional and the patient. Your patient will find it easier to understand the process if you can provide them with a picture.

  • Not being able to create and share photos using the same tools – often makes it hard to handle multiple tools to capture, store, edit, and share pictures.

  • Failing to maintain the photo albums for aiding the conferences and cross-selling. This could be losing potential patients’ interest in products.

  • Not being updated through a phone call if a patient is not going to show up. You could use the slot to fix another patient’s requirements.


  • Your custom medical software will help you find your patient’s case file easily by searching using case ids, patient’s name, mobile number, treatment types or notes, or you can choose to create a customized field using which you can find their data efficiently.

  • Using the medical photo management software, you can now retrieve the right image within seconds and show it to your patient.

  • With a custom healthcare system, you can automatically build a portfolio dedicated to Before & After photos. You can categorize or sort them using the treatments’ names along with notes specific to the case.

  • With a patient portal and a mobile app, you can expect enhanced patient engagement.

  • With the calendar view, you can easily stay updated with open and canceled slots, which your patient will find easier to update.

Best Custom Medical Software – 1 minute explainer video

Best Custom Medical Software Features

Why Custom Healthcare Software?

CureCast’s custom medical software helps organizations tap into the world of personalization, where you can address the unique challenges of your organization and find appropriate solutions. But apart from that, the custom healthcare system software is beneficial to you in many ways.

There are many healthcare software in the market. You can buy any one of them based on whichever one fits your requirements most. But for the part that doesn’t fit, you may have to remodel your process for the software. So, why not choose custom medical software? A custom solution will be modeled or designed to meet your requirements, including the forms and processes, employee dashboards, etc. 

The healthcare industry is large – and some features suit best for organizations that are different from yours. And you may have features that your organization will never use and missing something you could use. So why pay for the software whose pricing is based on multiple premium features you are never going to use? A custom solution means paying for the solution that you will use. 

Hear from Custom Medical Software Clients

Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon, Owner London Center Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, Amwaj Clinic, Dubai

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Download cloud based software CureCast

  • Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage
  • Patient’s chart
  • Medical billing
  • E-prescribing
  • Appointment
  • Photo finder and auto catalog
  • Before/after portfolio
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Counseling albums and many more
  • All clinic software features and much more

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