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Healthcare Software Development Services

Our developers are experts in building EMR software solutions that focus on interoperability, improved communication between doctor and patient, maximizing the healthcare organization’s productivity, streamlining clinical workflows, etc.

With our custom-built healthcare system, you can leverage record data tracking, electronic communications, PMS and HIE features and functionalities, and many more.

You will find this feature most useful as an organization that cares for patients deeply. With our custom telemedicine software solutions, you will find it easy to provide remote care for your patient. Our developers work on a software solution that is convenient and secure.

Our developers focus on building highly interoperable solutions that comply with various safety and security standards. Some of our telemedicine solutions include telehealth apps, software solutions and telemedicine software development.

  • CureCast’s photo finder feature allows you to find actual treatment pictures instantly at the right time during a consultation.
  • Give your patient an authentic experience by showing them the exact treatment pictures and that too while he or she talks to you!

Our software development teams design and develop practice management software solutions, including registering patients, recording demographics, processing medical information and insurance details, and automating administrative tasks like accounting and maintenance checks. With CureCast’s custom software development, you can have appointment management and staff scheduling interfaces.

Technology truly revolutionizes the healthcare industry, and our team is more than ready to offer solutions that help both medical professionals and patients. Our patient-centered software aggregates data from the sensors and devices that your patient has installed in homes. This makes monitoring easier and makes it possible for independent living. Once again, with custom solutions, the parameters for monitoring can be fully customized to the requirements of healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare Software Features

Why Choose Healthcare Software Development Company?

CureCast is your healthcare software development company that has been helping various medical and healthcare organizations leverage technology to its fullest. A software development company brings a combination of both software design and development along with medical knowledge. A medical software development company helps an organization in many ways, such as:

  • Industry-Specific Experience

A medical solutions development company has experts that are not only skilled in software design and development but also carry domain experience in the medical industry experience. As a medical software development company, CureCast knows the features required and potential solutions that would work in a healthcare organization.

  • Solutions that are in compliance with regulatory standards

Custom healthcare solutions companies know the compliance requirements for medical software. Your software development company specializing in the medical industry will build you software that adheres to HIE standards along with CDA, CCD, QRDA, DICOM, etc. It is very important for a software development company to understand regulatory standards if they are offering services like Assistive Technology Software Solutions or Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions.

Hear from CureCast’s Healthcare Software Clients

Dr. Maurizio Viel Plastic Surgeon, Owner London Center Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Matteo Vigo Plastic Surgeon, Medical Director, Amwaj Clinic, Dubai

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Download cloud based software CureCast

  • Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage
  • Patient’s chart
  • Medical billing
  • E-prescribing
  • Appointment
  • Photo finder and auto catalog
  • Before/after portfolio
  • Dashboard to track daily progress
  • Counseling albums and many more
  • All clinic software features and much more

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